About Us

Techa Building Consultants is a boutique building science consultation company providing innovative and practical services for existing buildings and new building construction. Techa embodies a strong commitment to maximize the interests of all its stakeholders, while holding client satisfaction, communication and service quality paramount, and ensuring economic responsibility is upheld to support healthy and sustainable projects.

Techa was founded in 2014 on a commitment to provide clients with a diverse range of quality solutions for maintaining their buildings over the short and long term. The conception of Techa was in response to a demand for a higher level of innovation and service quality for clients in need of professionals specializing in roofing and waterproofing assessment, design and quality assurance. Since infancy, Techa has grown from a sole-professional providing strategic assessment services to a team consulting on various roofing and waterproofing system designs and assuring quality of construction. Since the company’s outset, Techa has established professional affiliations with the following associations.


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