Techa offers a diverse range of assessment, design, and project planning and management services. Our core services offered originate from a strong background in building science with refined specialization in roofing and waterproofing assessment, design and quality assurance. Our team of professionals promote an innovative and practical design methodology, providing our clients clear and concise guidance to assist in finding the most suitable solutions for their buildings.


Roof Condition Assessments

Techa conducts a thorough evaluation of the current physical condition and operating effectiveness of the roof or waterproofing system. The assessment report highlights relevant information, such as condition, deficiencies, remaining useful service life, and provides a plan for maintenance, immediate repairs, and long term renewal.

Leak Investigations

Techa’s Red Seal roofing tradesman uses practical roof installation and design experience, accompanied with moisture detection equipment, to provide effective leak investigation services for various types of roofing and waterproofing systems.

Depreciation Reports

Techa depreciation reports are prepared and sealed by Applied Science Technologists registered with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC).

We collect information and conduct a site survey. This helps us inventory and assess the building and the land. Here’s what we look at:


With custom modeling software, we can outline multiple, unique funding strategies to ensure that sufficient reserves are available to cover the forecasted expenses. Our ultimate goal is to help clients achieve a sustainable future for their properties.

Your buildings CHANGE, and so should your STUDIES.

We’ll keep your depreciation report current to ensure that it continues to function in a relevant and meaningful way.

Warranty Reviews

Techa prepares warranty and performance audit reviews for multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs). Our experienced staff will identify deficiencies by reviewing the buildings and comparing the as-built conditions to the construction drawings.

Since July 1, 1999, the B.C. Homeowner Protection Act requires that all new homes must be covered by third-party home warranty insurance. The Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) manages the program, which includes a 2-5-10 year coverage plan. The warranty provides two-year coverage on labour and materials, five-year coverage for the building enclosure (envelope), and ten-year coverage for the structure. Techa’s reports are well organized, providing clarity for all audiences and include a deficiency-tracking list that will also assist the owners in follow-ups and ongoing maintenance.

RCABC Roof Inspections

Techa is a RCABC (Roofing Contractors Association of BC) Accepted Inspector, providing professional roof inspection services for new and replacement roofs covered by a RCABC RoofStar Guarantee. For further information on the RCABC Guarantee program visit


Roofing Design

Roofing design is one of the founding services of Techa. Whether the roof be a low-slope conventional or a pitched shingle assembly, our roofing professionals are hands-on, with extensive design experience in various roofing system assemblies and applications. Our in-house roofing professionals are comprised of a Red Seal skilled tradesman, an Applied Science Technologist with advance studies in building science, and Registered Roof Observers of RCI Inc., one of the industry leading organizations of building enclosure, roofing, and waterproofing professionals.

Waterproofing Design

Our design team is equipped with both knowledge and experience in high performance waterproofing systems. Techa’s experience is derived from plaza deck and parking structure waterproofing, as well as below-grade structure waterproofing design.


Construction Contract Administration

Techa provides construction contract administration for all Techa projects. Our team will manage your project, ensuring schedules and deadlines are met. Contracts are managed to reduce cost overruns and to minimize the use of contingencies. Our project team will ensure the construction and the design intent conforms to contract documents, and the quality of construction and building materials are not compromised.

Construction Quality Assurance

Conducting quality assurance reviews during construction is key to ensuring the quality of construction and materials are maintained. Techa will outline the field review requirements and perform periodic quality assurance reviews of the construction. As part of construction quality assurance, Techa will manage site meetings to verify our Client’s requirements, resolve construction issues, and manage schedules.

Building Maintenance Plans and Program Development

As many property managers and building owners understand, proactive maintenance is one of the most important factors for their building’s longevity. Although the importance of maintenance is understood by many, the how, what, why and when of maintaining a building is unknown or lacks clarity, resulting in reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance typically shortens the life cycle of building elements and consequentially can involve costly building issues. Techa equips Clients with the essential tools to avoid building maintenance issues and provides solutions for a building’s maintenance needs.

Our Building Maintenance Manuals and Programs allow easy and accurate management and tracking of a building’s maintenance needs. We help Clients to develop short and long-term maintenance objectives and schedules to optimize the performance and value of their building. Our Plans and Programs provide clarity of the building elements, systems and equipment, and allow efficient and easy management of maintenance tasks through Techa’s Maintenance Management Program.

Roof Repair and Renewal Planning

Techa provides guidance and recommendations to Clients for planning roof repairs and roof renewal projects. Our multi-disciplinary construction experience allows Techa to provide practical prioritization of beneficial and economically achievable projects.